Kitchen Sinks by Alaris

Kitchen sinks need carefull thought before you buy, the shape, size and style of your sink can change the look of your kitchen just as much as any of the other features and details you choose. With the possible exception of the oven, nothing gets more use than the kitchen sink.

Our range of kitchen sinks and taps have been selected from leading brands to provide great quality and value for money.
Our main brands are :- Franke - Astracast - Blanco - Carron - Schock - Kohler - Shaws - Villeroy Boch - Paini - Abode - Perrin & Rowe - Grohe.
Kitchen sinks now have amazing variations in shape, finish and come in anything-but-boring designs. You have endless possibilities for an everyday kitchen interior with instant appeal.
Planning a kitchen makeover ? Where do you look for the 'wow' factor? Most people think about kitchen appliances, worktops or cabinets.
If you want a look to love then kitchen sinks can make a real statement in style. Conservative sink designs are out.Belfast sinks

Kitchen Sinks materials and styles

Ceramic sinks provide a traditional theme and add a unique feature to your kitchen design, truly classic ceramic sinks are almost certainly the ones to go for. Choices range from the ever-popular and practical Belfast sinks to more subtle and sophisticated designs. All timeless, homely and welcoming in traditional designs from Shaws and Rangemaster or modern designs by Blanco, Franke and Astracast. Double bowl and combination ceramic sink versions are available and with demand at record levels as they suit any style of kitchen. kitchen sinks

Stainless steel sinks from Franke, Blanco, Leisure, Rangemaster, Astracast and Carron. For clean, contemporary and minimalist surroundings, stainless steel kitchen sinks blend in perfectly with modern furniture, appliances and decor. Our stainless steel sinks offer something for everyone. Square or round designs, conventional models with drainers, individual bowls to fit inset or undermounted, even butler style sit-on kitchen sinks. Easy-to-care for, stainless steel sinks wear extremely well, providing you with tough, durable service for years to come, as well as stylish looks that really last.

granite sinksComposite Granite kitchen sinks could be the perfect choice if you ask a lot of your kitchen. Granite sinks are warm and inviting, also especially hard-wearing and we supply these from Franke, Astracast, Blanco and Carron You can throw almost anything at composite granite sinks and they stay looking as good as the day you bought it. Even a hot pan straight from the hob or today's harsh cleaning products are no match for this stain, scuff, scratch and burn resistant surface. Granite sinks offer durability, easy cleaning and great designs and also resist impact, scratches, stains, chemicals and fading.

Undermount sinksOur Undermount sink selection is extensive from Franke, Astracast and Blanco, ranging from rounded to square designs, with either a single or double bowl of various sizes. Fitting templates are available for which always need to be installed into a solid surface of some type such as granite, Corian or composite stone and they are not suitable for laminate worktops.

Blanco VivaAn inset kitchen sink fits into the worktop and have edges that sit on top of the worktop. One or two bowls plus a drainer is the most conventional design, but you can choose from a wide range of bowl sizes and some options are available without a drainer.

Three corner sink installation is great if worktop space is limited but you need multiple bowls and a drainer. They make use of an often wasted space and you won't have to compromise on the size of your sink bowls. Inset sink design varies from classic styling with rounded bowls and feature drainer patterns, to leading-edge square designs with sheer edges and shallow lip depths.