Astracast Kitchen Sinks

Astracast kitchen sinks Granite ROK Composite are made from the most advanced material used in the manufacture of synthetic kitchen sinks.


Astracast Kitchen sinks offer a wide range of material choice
corner sinkStainless Steel offers long lasting corrosion resistance and will withstand all common household acids and detergents. Astracast kitchen sinks range features five stunning finishes. Classic Polished Steel, Satin, a less reflective surface, Linen, with its dimpled surface that offers stunning looks and durability. Brushed Steel, designed to compliment modern appliance finished, and finally Almatek, the innovative silk finish that can contrast with or complement polished steel or aluminium appliances.

Astracast Ceramic kitchen sinks are individually hand-crafted and finished in fireclay. Cool and silky to touch they have a hard non-porous surface giving excellent resistance to all commonly used chemicals and detergents and are extremely resistant to heat.
Astracast Quartz Composite
kitchen sinks are made from a unique blend of natural silica particles offering extreme durability and performance. Quartz is the market leading material for pure solid colours offered in an extensive range of options.
Astracast Granite ROK Composite
kitchen sinks are made from the most advanced material used. They are designed to combine hard working performance with stunning good looks and natural textures of granite. With real silica particles and a textured appearance ROK is available in a variety of natural colours.
Astracast ROK Metallic Composite
is a unique material concept whereby metallic effect particles are added during the manufacturing process. The resulting sink has striking good looks and compliments contemporary environments perfectly. Available in 4 colours with all the material benefits of ROK these also contain microban antibacterial protection. Microban neutralises the ability of bacteria or funghi to grow making kitchen sinks more hygienic between cleaning.
All Astracast composite kitchen sinks are designed to offer ultimate material performance, yet are easy toclean and are resistant to nearly all household chemicals.
imgResistance to Thermal Shock

Exposure to extreme variations in temperature can sometimes have an adverse effect on durability. They are designed and tested to withstand repeated cycles of hot and cold liquids without effect.
Impact and Scratch Resistance

Kitchen sinks are designed to withstand everyday knocks and bumps of the most hectic family without chipping or marking. This ensures that the finish of the sink and the cleaning benefits that go with it remain for the products lifespan.
Resistance to Chemicals

Astracast kitchen sinks materials innovative molecular structure ensures that all are resistant to most commonly used household chemicals.
Resistance to Stains
The low material porosity denies staining agents the opportunity to penetrate the surface. Even the worst stains such as red wine and beetroot are easily wiped away with a cloth.
Water and Light Resistance

Material is screened by world reknowned colour laboritories to ensure that ROK will not discolour in direct sunlight or water whiten over time, unlike inferior products. stainless steel sink
Colours to Compliment your Kitchen

To ensure perfect coordination call 01924 477466 or email and request up to two FREE colour composite samples manufactured from the material.
Sink Accessories
All Astracast kitchen sinks have a wide range of useful and practical accessories that help turn your sink into a workcentre, ideal for the hygienic preparation of food.