Blanco sinks have been successful for decades because they are reliable, innovative and quality conscious. and they meet the highest standards in function, design and ergonomics and they offer solutions suitable for modern kitchen design.

Blanco Sinks and Taps

Blanco sinks are constantly developing new sinks and taps and where quality is concerned every item has been thought through to the last detail so that any kitchen design will be enhanced with Blanco sinks. They are extremely well thought out, as you would expect from one of the leading sinks and taps suppliers in Europe. Blanco sinks use Silgranite, which is made of 80% rock-hard granite compound and Stainless steel. It is are cleverly formed into this highly practical and stylish range all of which is available to order on our website. BUY BLANCO SINKS | Blanco sinks INFO
The Blanco kitchen taps range of single levers are also unique in that they are specifically designed to operate at low pressure. Most other taps need a pressure system to operate the hot supply effectively.

Blanco ChromoDur - Durable and Shiny

ChromeDur stainless steel patented world innovation is only available from Blanco.
An alloy is solidly integrated into the material which instantly protects stainless steel sinks and makes it far more resistant to scratches and other signs of use. Water gathers on the surface and then trickles away, leaving virtually no trace of limescale. An ordinary household cloth is all that is needed to clean it, guaranteeing that theyremain shiny throughout their lifetime.

Blanco Silgranit PuradorBlanco sinks SILGRANIT Puradur offer instant easy cleaning.
Unique cleaning properties of this patented world innovation are integrated into the actual material. Cleaning draws the special water-repellant component to form a protective surface and a permanent resistance to limescale deposits and staining. Cleaning is thus quite literally effected in the flick of a wrist - all thats needed is a damp sponge.

Blanco Zeroxline sinks are strong in character and uncompromising.
Zeroxline The new Blanco sinks series, presents unusual options. The "zero-radius bowls" with their striking square and rectangular bowl geometry, sets new standards in kitchen sinks design. The complete product programme, consisting of five bowls and a drainer offers a a variety of individual combinations.
A particularly appealing choice for anyone seeking maximum exclusivity and functionality: Blanoc Zeroxline for undermount installation.

The ethos of a functional module, exclusive Blanco corner sinks and successful AX concept: Blanco AXIS 9 E-M. A fully self contained functional centre that makes optimum use of the corner area in any worktop. Popular features such as the movable glass chopping board and the multifunctional colander that can be used in the main or small bowl, support ergonomic work sequences. The large working and drainage area around the sink provides the space required for a user-friendly sink centre.

Blanco Median sinks are a modern form for maximum convenience. Median
In MEDIAN, the lack of compromise in the straight lines and elegant shape is reflected in the functionality and ergonomics. A feature of the various Blanco sinks - they are suitable for all popular cabinet sizes and installation is simple. The bowls are all generously proportioned and positioned at the front of the sink. Seamless, super-flat edges help to prevent dirt from accumulating and make cleaning easier. BLANCO MEDIAN - the tailor-made kitchen sinks that's not just for the purists.

Blanco Discerning design and optimum space utilisation

Blanco COSMO 5 S sinks, with a circular bowl, is the solution for corners or for linear use. It is also the first designer sinks in SILGRANIT for 50cm base Cosmounits. The unusual convex design incorporates a large number of innovations that facilitate maximum ergonomics and functionality in the smallest space. The drainer, with its wonderful flowing lines, can also be used as an additional worktop, and there is enough room for a soap dispenser and out of the ordinary operation of the elegant, two level tap ledge. Another Blanco sinks innovation: the new-style drainage channel. As well as drainage, it can also be used for washing fruit and vegetables, and it is also ideal for storing utensils while cooking.